Local July 19, 2014 | 12:44 am

Opposition party faces another uphill struggle

Santo Domingo.– The opposition party (PRD) will face another uphill struggle tomorrow in its inner political history, with the celebration of its Thirtieth Ordinary Convention, where they will elect the party president, vice-presidents, the secretary general, the deputy secretaries general, and the secretary of organization.

The PRD suffered its eighth division last Wednesday when adivergent sector left the party and joined the Dominican Social Alliance (ASD)and requested to become the Revolutionary Majority Party (PRM).

With the announcement of the new party, it was expected that the situation will calm down but yesterday former president HipolitoMejia, leader of that political sector, encouraged people to vote for candidate Guido Gomez Mazara in order to cause the departure ofPRD president Miguel Vargas.

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