Local July 21, 2014 | 4:47 pm

Give it up, come with us: Group tells opposition party members

Santo Domingo.- One of Dominican Republic’s fastest-growing independent organizations on Monday urged the rank-and-file of the opposition party PRD to leave the organization’s "acronyms" to Miguel Vargas and instead focus on the growth of La Convergencia, headed by former president and ousted PRD leader Hipólito Mejía.

La Multitud movement spokesman Reynaldo Aponte said Vargas imposed his "tigeraje" (hooliganism) and crime in Sunday’s PRD convention, by hiring club-wielding men and jackals, the same methods which, in his view, former president Leonel Fernández had used in past protests against his foundation, FUNGLODE.

Vargas, in Aponte’s view, has sequestered the PRD, confirmed violently yesterday, reason for which must be confronted together in streets, by dismantling the high courts and in the 2016 election.

"The only way to defeat Leonel and Miguel is leaving you empty the initials that have kidnapped," said Aponte, quoted by hoy.com.do.

He said all “honest” rank-and-file of the PRD have the doors open in La Convergencia.

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