Local July 25, 2014 | 7:29 am

Dominican capital’s water supply takes a 75% plunge

Santo Domingo.- The months-long drought parching the country and the critically low levels of the dams has led to a 75% plunge in the water supply for most sectors of Greater Santo Domingo.

The scarcity has hit the city’s northern and western areas the hardest, as the water flow from the Isa Mana, El Duey and La Isabela rivers is critically low, said Santo Domingo Water Utility (Caasd) operations director Luis Salcedo on Thursday.

He said Greater Santo Domingo’s current water supply is only 290 million gallons per day, or 110 million less than the normal 400 million gallons.

"We cannot say that we have water for 20 or 30 days, that cannot be specified. There’s a very strong drought… but that doesn’t mean that we can establish the amount of water that is available for a given number of days," the official said.

Severe drought

The National Weather Office meanwhile forecasts scattered showers for most of the eastern region and Greater Santo Domingo from a tropical wave, which will gradually reach other areas of the country.

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