Local July 28, 2014 | 10:44 am

Rebuilt, expanded southern dam ready for Medina to cut ribbon

Azua, Dominican Republic.- The dams and canals agency (INDRHI) affirmed Monday that president Danilo Medina is expected to inaugurate the reconstruction and expansion of the hydroelectric facility at southern Sabana Yegua in August.

Agency director Olgo Fernández said the work is nearly finished as crews clean up the rubble, pave the roads which lead to the dam and install lights in the entire hydroelectric complex.

He said the work to expand Sabana Yegua dam included construction of a service spillway to quickly drain water at 1,100 cubic meters per second of directly to the South Yaque River.

Fernández said the spillway was also raised 5.9 meters, from 406.1 to 412.0 meters above sea level with 343,000 cubic meters of material, which he notes will lead to better management of the stored water.

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