Local July 29, 2014 | 12:33 pm

Dominican Republic must deal with border with resolve: U.S. envoy

Santo Domingo.- United States ambassador James W. Brewster on Tuesday said his country’s immigration issue is different from Dominican Republic’s, but noted both nations must deal with resolve what occurs along its borders.

He said Washington has never accused Santo Domingo and that he has personally dealt with the issue cautiously. "On the contrary, we’ve tried to help and work closely with Dominican authorities to support the efforts regarding this situation and support it, so we’re not out to condemn. Yes, of course, we have said cautiously, with precaution, but at no time in an accusatory manner."

As to Haitian immigration into the Dominican Republic, the U.S. diplomat praised the authorities’ efforts to solve the problem stemming from Constitutional Court ruling 168-13 which sets the conditions to obtain Dominican nationality.

"It’s important and I believe that efforts are being made in the United States as well as here. I believe that we must make the effort, we should take an interest to solve or deal with the situation and the condition of those who arrive at our border," Brewster said.

"For you, I think that the Dominican Republic is very well intended on trying to find a solution for people who have been affected by this decision of the Constitutional Court, trying to remain respectful of their rights, to see how a solution can be found," said the diplomat on the SOL de la Mañana program.

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