Local August 2, 2014 | 9:03 am

Abinader says Vargas grotesquely took over the PRD

Santo Domingo.– Presidential candidate for the Revolutionary Majority Party (PRM) and the Opposition Front Convergence Luis Abinader said there is no democracy in the Dominican Republic and one good example is the "grotesque" way in which Miguel Vargas has taken over the Dominican Revolutionary Party.

Abinader said he had predicted in February that the PRD’s 30st Annual Convention would be "a farce, something embarrassing. I think Miguel Vargas should have won with 99%, not with that little 87%."

According to the PRM’s candidate, "it was pathetic to see that when no one was voting in the whole country, and even opposition candidate Guido Gomez Mazara was prevented from voting, it was said the Convention had been a celebration of democracy."

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