Local August 4, 2014 | 9:57 am

Discrimination in a country of blacks and mulattoes, ‘a shame’

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry and the consumer protection agency (ProConsumidor) on Sunday warned of coordinated actions to put a stop to discriminatory practices by some bars and clubs against citizens for their skin color.

ProConsumidor director Altagracia Paulino said “it’s a shame that certain businesses in a country of blacks and mulattos prevent access to people of color, in frank violation of human rights.

She said since last year her agency has received complaints of people who’ve been stopped from entering certain bars and restaurants because of their color, physical impairment, social status, nationality, religion, gender or sexual preference.

The official urged victims to file complaints, preferably accompanied with evidence, such as cell phone recordings in which the denied access can be heard.


Justice Ministry Human Rights Dept. director Danissa Cruz warned that the Dominican Criminal Code penalizes discrimination with two years in prison and a fine of up to RD$50,000.

She also warned owners of bars and restaurants to takedown signs that say ‘they reserve the right to refuse admission’.

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