Local August 6, 2014 | 9:56 am

Tough Dominican DA a hurdle to Fernandez’s return to power

Santo Domingo.- National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso on Tuesday said the lawsuit filed by judge Margarita Cristo against her, only seeks to hamper the official probe into former Pubilc Works minister Víctor Díaz Rúa.

She warned however that the investigation of former president Leonel Ferandez’s close collaborator will continue.

Reynoso, who attended a hearing in the National District 3rd Appellate Court, said she knows who’s funding the case against her, and will reveal it in due time.

She added that although the lawsuit seeks to hamper her work, it won’t halt her firmness in the case. “Nothing and no one is going to intimidate me.”

Reynoso’s surprising stubbornness casts a shadow over Fernandez’s intention to return to office, as cases for alleged corruption are pending over Diaz Rua and another close collaborator, senator and former State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) director Felix Bautista.

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