Local August 12, 2014 | 7:35 am

Authorities bust ring shipped drugs to Europe

Santo Domingo.- An alleged money laundering and drug trafficking network based in Barcelona, Spain, which shipped drugs to Europe, was dismantled by Dominican Republic authorities, which seized 42 apartments valued at RD$150 million.

The National investigations Dept. –DNI- and the Justice Ministry’s Anti-Money Laundering Unit said luxury cars and electronic equipment used by the network were also seized.

As the result of a parallel investigation Italian authorities issued arrest warrants for 55 people allegedly linked to the network, with 22 arrests in Spain, including suspected ringleader Gustavo Ferrer Castillo, who was extradited to that nation.

The DNCD and DNI said as a result of the arrests it was learned that money sent by Andrés Ferrer was received by Teddy Antonio Abad, deported from U.S. June 29, 2001 on a narcotics conviction, and subsequently arrested last May 9.

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