Local August 12, 2014 | 4:21 pm

Officials warn opposition leader against violence in City councils vote

Santo Domingo.- The general secretary ofDominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD), and the president of the MunicipalitiesFederation on Tuesday warned the group headed by former president HipolitoMejía of the opposition PRM party against sparking incidents that could derivefrom his decision not to adhere to the pact to elect officials of the citycouncils.

"That’s a decision to which he’sentitled. Now, I can also tell you that he would be responsible for anyviolence that could arise in the elections of managers in any of the municipalitiesthat make up the nationwide," said PLD general secretary Reinaldo Pared.

The also president of the Senate noted thatthe election of the President of a City councils has been agreed to accordingto the majority of council members, although with exceptions.

He said council members sometimes become"rascals" against the mayors.

For Dominican Municipalities Federation (Fedomu)president Juan de los Santos, a majority in the council should determine the presidencyof the City councils, not the will of the Mayor.

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