Local August 15, 2014 | 11:54 am

Case of bench warrant against judge takes a twist: Colleagues are infamous ‘interim’

Santo Domingo.- The Supreme Court on Thursday designated a commission to investigate the circumstances in which the National District 2nd Panel Court issued a bench warrant to arrest Constitutional Court judge Wilson Gomez, in the a land deeds forgery case, on which he was subpoenaed as a witness.

The case also took a twist as Gomez railed against the judges who it’s now learned that they are interim magistrates; often linked to scandals in the release of major felons.

The high Court announced that National Judiciary School director Gervasia Valenzuela will head the Commission.

In that regard, Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German said he would never criticize another court’s ruling, although measures are being taken.

Gómez called malicious the warrant issued by judges Leonardo Recio and María Naranjo, her for not appearing as a witness at a hearing in the trial against Edwin Baquero Álvarez and codefendants.

He said the two interim judges revealed their interest in tarnishing his image and attacking his reputation."It’s evidence that the judges acted with frivolity and a lack of competence."

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