Local August 18, 2014 | 9:49 am

Authorities seize assets

SantoDomingo.- More buildings and vehicles were seized on Friday from Juan PabloFerrer, an alleged member of a drug-trafficking network based in Spain, accordingto the director of the Anti-Asset Laundering Unit at the Attorney General’soffice, Germán Miranda Villalona, who did not disclose the value of the confiscatedassets.

Ferrer is the brother of property developer Gustavo Ferrer Castillo, who the authorities say headed the network in countries including Spain, Italy as well as the Dominican Republic.

Juan Pablo Ferrer Castillo, who is accused of sending the drugs to his brother in Spain, allegedly received the payments via mules using false-bottomed suitcases.

The brothers are said to have laundered the money via the “Constructora Ferrer” construction company, which belongs to Juan Pablo, through the construction of luxury apartment buildings and the purchase of luxury vehicles.

MirandaVillalona said that the raids and operations would continue until all theassets were covered, including those registered to third parties. The officialdenied reports that the authorities planned to return the 42 apartments or anyother of the expropriated properties, until the investigations were complete.

Healso clarified that Ferrer was detained when he reported to theAnti-Asset Laundering Unit so that he could accompany the prosecutors to thenew raids they were planning to carry out before being handed over to hislawyer, Vinicio Aquino Figuereo, “on the condition that he report once againbetween the 25th and 30th of this month” as he has notyet been subpoenaed.

“Wefound more properties, we will continue on Monday, and he must return’” hesaid.

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