Local August 18, 2014 | 9:21 am

Police kill three robbery suspects

Santo Domingo.- Three men were shotdead by police agents early Sunday morning in the María Auxiliadora sector ofthe city. The Police says that the men are believed to have mugged severalwomen who were leaving an entertainment venue.

One of the dead men was named as 22-year old WellingtonFéliz Genao (Welón); a second was only identified by his nickname “El Bebo.” Thethird man’s identity is unknown. They were caught in possession of threefirearms and a motorbike. Police private Julio César Montero was wounded duringthe shootout.

The preliminary report on the case states that at around 3:50 am several women wentto the police and reported being mugged on Juana Saltitopa street by severalmen on three motorbikes, which led to a search for the suspected assailants inthe surrounding streets.

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