Local August 19, 2014 | 8:10 am

Changes announced to armed forces top brass

Santo Domingo.- The president has made several changes to the higher ranks of the armed forces. Decree 300-14 appoints General Maximiliano William Muñoz as the country’s new Defense Minister , replacing Admiral SigfridoPared Pérez, who was moved to head the National Department of Investigations(DNI).

Decree 301-14 appoints General José Eugenio Matos dela Cruz as General Commander of the Army, General Elvis Féliz Pérez as GeneralCommander of the Air force, and Vice Admiral Edmundo Féliz Pimentel as the new Naval (Armada) commander.

Decree 302-14 designated General Pablo Arturo Pujols asthe new director of the Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMET) replacing GeneralJuan Gerónimo Brown Pérez.

General Carlos Manuel Aguirre was appointed as the newdirector of the Border Security corps in the same decree.

General Juan Carlos Robiou will be the new director ofthe Special Tourism Security Corps.

Decree 300-14 appoints General Rubén Paulino Sem as deputy minister for militaryaffairs, Vice Admiral Edwin Dominici, Vice Minister for Naval and Coastalaffairs and General Ramón Hernández Hernández as vice minister for Air andSpace affairs.

General Pedro Cáceres Chestaro will serve as the newinspector general of the armed forces.

In decree 302-14, the executive branch appointed GeneralEduardo Marín Liberato as chief of the Military Electoral Police, GeneralBoanerges Reyes Batista as director of the Special Corps for Metro Security, GeneralMiguel Paulino Espinal will be the commander of the San Isidro Air Base and GeneralRichard Vásquez Jiménez as commander of the air base in Puerto Plata.

Real Admiral Félix Alburquerque will head thespecialized airport security corps, as ordered by the executive branch.

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