Local August 19, 2014 | 11:27 am

Cuban in custody for selling fake sexual stimulants

SANTO DOMINGO.- ThePermanent Attention Court in Santo Domingo province has sentenced a man accusedof bottling and selling fake medications at his home in Mirador del Este, in SantoDomingo East to three months protective custody.

Carlos Marrero Pérez, a Cuban national, isaccused of handling fake medicines, in contravention of articles 155, sections 3 and8, 155, sections 4 and 13, 167, 170, of the General Law on Health (42-01), modifiedby Law 22-06 and articles 147 and 148 of the Dominican penal code.

Medications and containers described as being inunhygienic conditions were found during the raid on Marrero Pérez’s home, withthe brands Viagra, Cialis and Finagra – all registered trademarks of internationallaboratories. Nonetheless, the accused is reported to have bottled them forsale.

The legal authorities say they have sufficient evidence todemonstrate to the court that the suspect is responsible for the deeds of whichhe is being accused.

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