Local August 20, 2014 | 7:23 am

President non-commital on re-election

Santo Domingo.- In a reference topresidential re-election, Danilo Medina said “it is normal for Dominican presidents to be asked to stay on for a second term and that they have twoyears left and many more things to do,” but that he would give his opinion onthe matter when the time was right.

However, he warned that his daughters,who have more or less the same way of thinking as their dad, do not want him tostay in the daily grind of power.

The President said that the presidentialaspirations of his government officials did not bother him, because it iscomplicated to build a candidacy and making oneself known was a titanic task.

“You often think that because you havea public post, a minister, the country will know him, but when they do thesurveys he is surprised, because sometimes not even 30% knows he exists,because it is that complicated,” said Medina. He added that he respected theofficials with presidential aspirations and wished them luck.

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