Local August 21, 2014 | 10:43 am

AMET suspends RD$500 accident fee

Santo Domingo.-The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMET) announced Thursday thesuspension of the measure that orders a RD$500 charge to users for issuingcertificates for road accidents involving citizens.

Amet deniedthat this disposition had been established in the current administration headedby General Pablo Arturo Pujols.

In a communiqué, Amet statesthat the measure dates back many years and has been under investigation forsome time in order to establish whether it is in keeping with the Constitutionof the Republic and the law.

“We are suspending the 500 pesocharge for certifications of the transit acts issued in the institution, as aresult of road accidents in which citizens are involved, until its conformity withthe Constitution of the Republic and the laws is investigated,” says therelease.

A spokesman pointed out that GeneralPujols has only just started working as head of Amet and that according to theinformation the imposition of this fee was established by anotheradministration some years ago.

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