Local August 21, 2014 | 7:34 am

Compromise solution for Loma Miranda

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic Mining and Oil Chamber (Camipe)proposed combining the mining area alongside the protected area on the groundsthat the Falcondo concession is quite large, covering an area of 46 square kilometers between the Ortega mountain until La Vega, it has four river sources and themineral-rich area barely covers 4.1 kilometers.

Camipepresident José Sena says that mining could take placeon Loma Miranda without affecting the waters of the Jaguey river.

“This is tosay, that in order to coexist as a society, I would like to propose on behalfof the Chamber that both activities should be combined. There are areas withinFalconbridge in very good condition that could be protected areas, which wouldmean we could have a win-win solution,” suggested Sena.

He said thatafter mining a mining national park could be created, and it must be ensuredthat the closure plans are implemented for each vein that is mined and thosethat are being mined.

Sena alsoproposed that after the process the plants should be dismantled and that allthe area should be restored before being returned to the State.

The Camipe vice president said thatthis is an important solution to the Loma Miranda conflict, while acceptingthat the country needs its material resources and the conditions are in placefor carrying out this activity in a responsible manner.

Sena wasspeaking at the Corripio Communications Group luncheon meeting together with Camipevice president, Luis Eduardo Díaz, treasurer Félix Mercedes, secretary CristinaThomén and member Pedro Esteva, as well as former president Julio Espaillat.

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