Local August 25, 2014 | 3:35 pm

Lawsuit against President Medina and US ambassador is inadmissible

Santo Domingo.- The request for an injunction against president Danilo Medina and U.S. ambassador James W. Brewster was declared inadmissible today by judge Danilo Ceballos, from the Second Chamber of the National District Civil and Commercial Appellate Cour.

Christian Church of Salvation pastor Eusebio Arismendy Debord had filed the request at the National District Civil Court, claiming that Brewster’s actions violate the rights of the family as stated in the Constitution article 55, the Civil Code, among others relating to civil marriage.

The religious leader said promoting gay practices goes against the Christian beliefs of the Dominican people and on the Bible’s edicts on marriage. He urged President Medina to leave "his silence" and rule in favor of family law.

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