Local August 25, 2014 | 8:55 am

Over 2.2 million new ID cards issued in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) has issued the new identity and electoral ID to the 30% of the Dominican population since April, when the plan to replace the old document started.

According to JCE president Roberto Rosario, 2,220,310 people have the new document already and 2,702,594 have been attended so far. The figures reveal that outside the country the JCE has issued 14,869 new ID cards.

Roberto Rosario released the latest statistics during a meeting with secretaries of election boards and managers of Certificate Centers. "In record time we have efficiently overcome all the goals we had set in terms of identity documents. If we have nearly 30 percent, meaning that we simply lack the 70 percent, we’re going to do it in less time than anticipated," said the JCE president.

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