Local August 28, 2014 | 9:56 am

Most parties oppose ASD’s change of name

Santo Domingo.- Only three parties of nine political organizations expressed their support yesterday to the change of the name of the Dominican Social Alliance (ASD) for that of the Majority Revolutionary Party (PRM).

During intense debates in a hearing at the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) representatives pointed out that the term "majority" is discriminatory and criticized the new logo of a fist with the thumb pointing up, which might lead to confusion among voters in an election process.

PRD political delegate Jose Miguel Vasquez and spokesman Victor Gomez Casanova said the logo had already been used in previous PRD campaigns by some leaders such as Jose Francisco Peña Gomez and former presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia. In addition, they rejected the typography and the colors (blue and white) used in the proposed logo.

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