Local September 1, 2014 | 3:59 pm

30% of inmates in DR are repeat offenders

Santo Domingo.- The latest figures from the Department of Prisons reveal that 30% of 15,951 inmates serving time in 19 non-reformed prisons in the Domincan Republic are repeat offenders.

According to the survey, published today by Diario Libre, 3,104 (21%) of inmated were serving their second time in prison,843 (9%) had been imprisoned three times, and 280 (2%) had been four times, while only 115 (0.6%) had been five times; 10,435 (70%) were serving their first time in jail.

Of the 15,951 prisoners polled, 486 had been deported from 21 countries, mostly from the United States (271) and Puerto Rico (137), followed by Venezuela (13) and Curacao (12).

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