Local September 2, 2014 | 4:52 pm

Training teachers essential for ‘Education Revolution’

Santo Domingo.- The Presidency’s Communications Office announced today that the ‘Education Revolution’ initiated by the Danilo Medina’s government also includes teacher training and brings dignity to them.

The statement reads that educating citizens from poverty and exclusion is not an easy task, mainly wheb the goal is to teach them how to take advantage of their talent and live their lives in happiness.

That document indicates that after the gates of change were open, "the ‘Education Revolution’ is challenged by impatience, hurry, urgent demands of our people and their leaders. There are challenges everywhere that need to be managed with confidence."

The ‘Education Revolution’, as a process for the redistribution of wealth and opportunities, implies a simultaneity of actions: to provide more hours of quality classes more classrooms need to be built, it is necessary to feed many, to find reliable suppliers, and train teachers and improve their salaries, as well as working in the integration and empowerment of parents.

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