Local September 6, 2014 | 8:55 am

Convergence: Medina is a prisoner of capitalism and PLD

Santo Domingo.- "The Convergence for a better country" group condemned President Danilo Medina’s decision of vetoing the law that makes Loma Miranda a National Park "ignoring the popular clamor and yielding to the will of multinational and local capital, such as the Dominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD), which operates as a super power in the nation."

Speaking on behalf of the various parties and social organizations represented by The Convergence, Reynaldo Aponte, of The Crowd Movement, said "the submissive attitude shown by President Medina before Falconbridge and national business groups, which opens the possibility of exploiting the natural lung Loma Miranda, is nothing more than a deplorable act of cowardice."

He added that the Government has been disrespectful to the Dominican people who are defending their water resources, as well as the Constitution and the laws that rule to preserve the nation’s natural heritage.

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