Local September 9, 2014 | 1:13 pm

Alleged drug kingpin ‘Cockfighter’ gets 3 months in jail to await trial

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.- A Monte Plata district judge on Tuesday ruled three months of pretrial detention against Winston Rizik, indicted on international drug trafficking.

While permanent attention judge Dolores Galay read the ruling to send Rizik to Najayo Prison in San Cristobal, several people outside the court chanted “innocent,” referring to the alleged kingpin known as "El Gallero" (cockfighter).

Prior to the hearing, Rizik’s mother started to cry and also affirmed his innocence of the charges.

"In has been raining in Monte Plata province for more than 30 days, who’s going to keep drugs in a yard or in the woods with a few little bags which don’t even have a speck of mud? Even the stupidest realizes the staging and vulgarity of the blackmail," Rizik said.

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