Local September 11, 2014 | 1:04 pm

‘Cockfighter’ held in an Antinarcotics cell ‘for his own safety’(Update)

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry Thursday afternoon tweeted that Winston Rizik (El Gallero), charged with international drug trafficking, was transferred to the high-security prison at La Vega.

FILED earlier: Antinarcotics agency (DNCD) spokesman Miguel Medina on Thursday confirmed that drug trafficking suspect Winston Rizik “El Gallero” (Cockfighter) is being held in a cell at their headquarters, until judicial authorities decide where he’ll spend the 3-month pretrial detention ordered by a Monte Plata (east) court.

The incarceration at DNCD headquarters violates Monte Plata judge Dolores Galay’s ruling which order that the accused be escorted to Najayo Prison.

Rizik was reportedly taken to the jail at La Romana Thursday morning, but kept at the DNCD on fears of his “enemies” reprisal.

Medina revealed that since his arrest, Rizik has been held in a cell at DNCD headquarters, adding that as long as El Gallero remains in their custody, we guarantee his life and his rights.

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