Local September 13, 2014 | 9:59 am

Luis Abinader, the opposition’s best “trump card”

New York.- Luis Abinader is the strongest "trump card" available to represent the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and The Convergence in order to win the elections in 2016, said his political team in New York.

According to Alejandro Rodriguez (Tonton), president of Abinader’s political team in New York, he is the best candidate because he can unify the broad sectors of the country who oppose the continuation of ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

"The polls reveal that Abinader is the most popular candidate, the most appreciated by women and youth, the two major sectors in the Dominican Republic, the ones whose votes can decide the elections," said Tonton.

He added that Abinader "is a viable bid, who is committed to making the changes demanded by Dominican society, especially the sectors with fewer resources."

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