Local September 18, 2014 | 7:45 am

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Audit finds RD$1.8B ‘irregularities’ in Dominican capital’s city hall

Santo Domingo.- The National District City Council incurred several irregularities on spending of nearly RD$1.8 billion in 2008, says an Accounts Chamber audit divulged Wednesday, which says such “practices to neglect the law” were found in another probe conducted in 2011.

The oversight agency’s audit on mayor Roberto Salcedo’s tenure in 2008 lists payments for works that weren’t carried out and others initiated but not concluded and unjustified payments for infrastructure. "Around RD$7 million were unreasonably disbursed to pay bonds, unrealized works, others started and not finished, whereas RD$6.9 million were unjustifiably paid for already completed works."

"Other anomalies found correspond to rental payments of around RD$126 million without documentation justifying the disbursement, as well as the omission of nearly RD$30 million in income, claiming ignorance on them, while they were confirmed by its Treasurer," the Chamber said in a statement

It adds that among the irregularities, the 2008 audit reveals City Council payroll records above the established, taxes withheld and not paid, deductions made and not paid to the Social Security Treasury, for a total of 75 million pesos.

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