Local September 18, 2014 | 2:06 pm

The country’s ‘owners’ announce 7,000-truck show of force

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s biggest truckers union (Fenatrado) on Thursday announced a show of force with around 7,000 trucks on the country’s major roads on Tuesday and mark a "national day of the trucker" and showcase their freight service.

"All our trucks will be parked on the main roads that day. We’ve clarified that it’s not a protest or to alter public order, but simply a display of equipment so the population and customers become aware of Fenatrado’s transport potential and above all their quality," said its vice president, Enrique Arias.

He said they’ll l coordinate the activity with the Metropolitan Transit Authority and other Government agencies "in due course."

Arias made the announcement in a press conference at its offices, but refused to comment on measures disclosed by AMET to organize heavy vehicle traffic, including a 70-KPH speed limit.

Fenatrado, together with the bus owners unions, Fenatrano and COnatra, are known as the country’s “owners,” for staging constant and often violent strikes with impunity.

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