Local September 22, 2014 | 10:29 am

Private security a ‘necessary evil’ nationwide

Santo Domingo.- The sight of uniformed guards in a modest "picapollo” (fried chicken eatery) or even in a call center of a barrio have become commonplace, just as in any swank jewelry store downtown.

Private security is becoming a necessary evil in the country, as crimes rise coupled with the police patrols’ failure cover all urban areas.

The frequently reported facts reveal that significant part of the population puts their life in the hands of a "guachiman" (watchman) for the most part untrained and without a minimum regard for human life.

For those who hire their services, especially banks, companies, the wealthy and upper middle class, it’s a hard choice: leave your security to chance, or place your life in the hands of a watchman you hired.

Citing data from the various security companies, outlet elnacional.com.do reports that low-rank police agents and “guachimanes” participate in 60% of criminal cases, in one way or another.

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