Local September 23, 2014 | 9:50 am

Dominican Republic’s ‘owners’ park their trucks, halt freight

Santo Domingo.- Thousands of tractor trailers of Dominican Republic’s biggest truckers’ union (Fenatrado) have been parked on the shoulders of roads and avenues across the country since 5am, to demand their national day, among other grievances.

According to Boca Chica Port container truck union president Rafael Caminero, the shutdown of freight transport will cost the country RD$.0 billion. He said his union does not support the walkout.

While the trucks and their drivers have yet to hinder traffic along the country’s various routes, National Police agents and Army troops have been deployed to prevent incidents.

The truckers, called the country’s “owners” from their numerous and often violent strikes with impunity, also demand that they be allowed to ply the route along the seaside avenue known as El Malecon, claiming that the ban costs them more money to buy extra fuel.

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