Local September 25, 2014 | 8:50 am

In alleged shootout, Police gun down 4 suspects in northeast

Nagua, Dominican Republic.- Four dead is the result of an alleged exchange of gunfire between police and nine men Wednesday afternoon, in which five other suspects fled.

The incident took place at El Indio, in the Nagua-San Francisco highway (northeast). All had gunshot wounds over several parts of the body.

The police said a hot pursuit began in San Francisco against the group it calls a powerful gang of highway robbers and burglars of upscale residencies.

The victims are Lenin Marcial Valdez Ramírez, Mélido Florian Peña, Nelson Vicioso Florentino and a fourth still unidentified. Peña had an ID card that identified him as a 2nd Lt. of the Army, whereas Vicioso had one as an ensign of the Navy.

Two of the dead were taken to the morgues at El Factor hospital and two to the hospital in Nagua.

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