Local September 26, 2014 | 10:03 am

Haiti envoy hails Dominican leader’s ‘nice words’ at UN

Santo Domingo.- Haiti ambassador Fritz Cineas on Friday said after hearing Dominican president Danilo Medina’s speech at the UN General Assembly, reactions in his country are positive, with thanks for "his nice words," EFE reports.

"Help Haiti! Help them document their people, both in their territory and on ours. As the documentation is the first and indispensable step to enjoy a broad set of rights," Medina said at the UN.

The chief executive said Haiti makes efforts to reach the population and provide documents that recognize them as its nationals, but limited technical ability and funds makes it difficult.

Haiti’s Embassy in Santo Domingo currently provides IDs to its citizens, although long lines and the high cost for a passport, as high as US$120 each, have sparked protests.

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