Local September 26, 2014 | 9:21 am

Senators want names in Brazilian US$92.0M planes scandal

Santo Domingo.- Senators Rafael Calderón and Tommy Galan on Thursday called for revealing the name of their colleague who allegedly took a bribe together with a senior officer, to secure approval of the loan from a Brazilian Bank to buy the eight Super Tucano planes in 2008, noting that the investigation disclosed by The Wall Street Journal would be more credible.

The Justice Ministry meanwhile said it pledged confidentiality on the case as the investigation gets underway.

Calderón, ruling PLD party Senator from Azua, said he agrees with the investigation and those involved should be identified, "and not put everyone in the same case. In this Senate of the Republic the man with the briefcase (bagman) ceased to visit a long time ago."

Galán (PLD-San Cristobal), said when that loan was approved by the Senate committee, which he presided, he made observations to the contract, but affirmed that it was done with transparency.

He said an investigation must be complete, "It’s not possible that regarding the names of military and of people, when referring to the Senate, it cites one Senator. The correct thing is to give the name and surname, to establish responsibilities."

The US$92.0 million loan led to an alleged bribe of US$3.4 million.

The WSJ report says eight employees of Brazil aircraft maker Embraer were named in indictments in that country and in the U.S.

Local media report that the investigation named Dominican Air Force Lt. Col. Carlos Piccini Nuñez was as a liaison in the Super Tucano deal.

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