Local September 30, 2014 | 7:30 am

US$93.0M plane scandal stuns ex Dominican Republic leader

Santo Domingo.- The probe in Brazil and the U.S. into an alleged bribe of a Dominican Senator and senior military officer in the US$93.0 million Super Tucano plane deal s has roiled the ruling PLD party’s top echelon and stoked a protest against former President Leonel Fernandez.

On Monday dozens of protesters gathered in front of a Manhattan restaurant where Fernandez was meeting with collaborators in the U.S., chanting “ladron” (thief), and “ladronazo,” (big thief) as they walked out under the watchful eye of NY Police agents.

Former Vice President and PLD Political Committee member Rafael Alburquerque said the calls for an investigation stem from sectors he affirms seek to destroy Fernandez’s image "on the fact that the latest survey gives him a 45% support."

He called the former President’s rivals insolent for seeking to involve him in a corruption investigation. "They’re afraid that president Leonel Fernández may be the PLD candidate because they know he’ll win the election overwhelmingly in the first round."

Inner party rival also wants probe

PLD presidential candidacy hopeful and Fernandez rival Temístocles Montás said the party should demand a thorough investigation to establish any links to the organization’s leaders and proceed "without mercy" against those involved,

The Economy Minister ruled out that any local political sectors could be behind the scandal, noting that a newspaper such as The Wall Street Journal, which first reported it, wouldn’t let itself be manipulated.

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