Local October 2, 2014 | 8:20 am

Lawmakers blame interests for gun bill stalled during 10 years

Santo Domingo.- The bill to control and regulate firearms, ammunition, explosives and other related materials has been stalled in Congress for around 10 years on “interests” which have prevented its approval.

The revelation was made Wednesday by ruling PLD party deputies Orlando Espinosa and Elpidio Báez, of the Chamber of Deputies of Interior and Police Committee, which studies the legislation once again.

After expressing concern with the delay, Espinosa asked the commissioners to stop wasting their time hearing the positions of all sectors again because the bill’s time period could expire.

He said the Commission has already consulted all sectors. "Let’s don’t waste our time, receiving the institutions twice so they tell us the same thing.”

According to Baez, the bill affects many sectors and interests. He said however that they’ll make all efforts to convert it into law.

He said most crimes, robberies and assaults are done with mostly illegal and smuggled firearms.

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