Local October 14, 2014 | 7:48 am

Europe pledges support to Dominican Republic’s hapless Foreign Service

Santo Domingo.- European Union representative Alberto Navarro on Monday announced that bloc’s total support to the new Foreign Affairs minister Andrés Navarro.

He lauded the successful track record of the country’s top diplomat as head of other agencies.

Alberto Navarro said the European Union is full of expectations regarding the Foreign Minister’s tenure and suggested periodic meetings to coordinate efforts and policy within what he affirms are excellent ties with the Caribbean country.

The European Union mission leader spoke during a visit along with other EU officials,


Andres Navarro said he’ll focus his efforts on strengthening foreign policy, and the working relationship with all diplomatic missions, "without jeopardizing the consolidation of the magnificent international relations which the country has achieved in the world."

Dismal reputation

Andres Navarro’s designation came amid the Foreign Ministry’s debacle, including widespread cronyism and the abundance of officials known as “botellas” (bottles), who get a check despite not having any function.

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