Local October 16, 2014 | 9:31 am

Builder denies links to senator in money laundering probe

Barahona, Dominican Republic.- Builder Bolivar Ventura Rodríguez on Wednesday distanced himself from embattled senator Felix Bautista, affirming that his assets are legitimate, and acquired after more than 20 years in the construction business.

He revealed however that all of his properties have been the target of the Justice Ministry’s investigation into Bautista’s assets. "We’re faced with the infamous and tortuous publication in two national newspapers, which links us with spurious relations with money laundering and illegitimate origin of our real estate and belonging."

He said he’ll confront the reports with “evil and inconsiderate inaccuracies that have been handed down against our company, our property acquired legitimately working as civil engineering professional for more than 24 years."

"They mentioned my name, my wife’s and the company’s, Diprecalt, which we preside," he said, noting that he and his wife, Roselin Marte Nova, are two professionals who "work with the most agility and transparency front which have relied on them in the projects placed in our hands," Ventura said, citing works such as the Santo Domingo-Samana road, the Duarte highway reconstruction, among others.

Ventura is linked to Bautista, who is accused of laundering money and embezzlement while head of the powerful State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) during the terms of his and former president Leonel Fernandez, considered by many the lawmakers mentor.

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