Local October 16, 2014 | 8:22 am

Country not ready to deal with spill, expert warns

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic isn’t ready for a fuel spill of certain magnitude, warned Wednesday Carlos Silié, expert on the topic and head of the company Consultores Ambientales & de Proyectos.

At the opening of the seminar "Management of hydrocarbons on land and sea," Silie also called for a public-private sector alliance to make sure that the government is prepared to deal with any eventuality.

He also stressed the issue’s important because the country imports all of the hydrocarbons is consumes, with a constant risk of an oil spill, as the case in countries more advanced than the Dominican Republic.

Experts from the United States, Colombia and Ecuador attended the seminar, wher Silie said the impact of a spill would be catastrophic for the country, especially its thriving tourism sector.

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