Local October 16, 2014 | 8:55 am

Despite deputies’ slashed slush fund, senators won’t rid theirs

Santo Domingo.- Several senators on Wednesday disagreed with, and reacted angrily to the Chamber of Deputies’ decision to eliminate part of the slush fund known as "barrilito" (little barrel), with the excuse that it wouldn’t solve any of the country’s problems.

They defended the “transparency” with which they manage the taxpayers’ money, "and not as if it were a check for petty cash for this and that," as occurs, in their view, in the lower Chamber.

The reactions come in the wake of Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martínez’s announcement to eliminate RD$50,000 from the monthly allocation, which the lawmakers use as they see fit.

Instead, the senators say part of the country’s problems can be solved by striking tax breaks they affirm surpass RD$200.0 billion.

"With that we can in fact, serve the health sector and the demands of the communities with the amount of works needed," said Pedernales province senator Dionis Sánchez, who receives RD$400,000 monthly.

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