Local October 17, 2014 | 4:05 pm

Deputies’ slush fund ‘donation’ to likely fuel skepticism

Santiago.- Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martínez and 17 Santiago Province lawmakers on Friday announced they “donated” RD$1.8 million from the slush fund known as the "barrilito" (little barrel) to Santiago’s Grullon children’s hospital.

The announcement will likely fuel the population’s widespread skepticism around the “little barrel” and the Senate version “cofrecito” (little chest), which the upper Chamber president Cristina Lizaro said the issue “was not in the Senate’s agenda.”

Martinez and the legislators visited the hospital to learn of its conditions and deliver the “barrilito” funds. Which lawmakers would’ve pocketed in November and December.

Hospital director Rosa María Morel said Grullon operates precariously and listed the shortcomings faced to attend the thousands of ill children who arrive every day.

Martinez said that the deputies are committed to help every Dominicans have access to quality health services, for which all sectors need to contribute to that cause.

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