Local October 20, 2014 | 11:08 pm

Dominican Republic loses the great Oscar de la Renta

Santo Domingo.- Fashion icon Oscar de la Renta, of the Dominican Republic, passed away Monday afternoon in Connecticut, NBC Los Angeles reports. He was 82.

De la Renta turned his name into a global brand and carried his Dominican heritage proudly.

He was active in social causes in the country’s east region, where he lived during the last two decades. He died in his U.S. home in Connecticut.

He’s survived by his wife Annette, his son Moses and his friend Frank Ranieri, head of the resort group Punta Cana, who had flown to see him Sunday night.


“Tonight we have lost not only a legendary talent, but also a humble, generous and compassionate human being. While Oscar de la Renta will be remembered worldwide for his contribution to fashion and culture, New York’s Dominican community has lost a hometown hero whose success did not change him or make him less approachable.

Throughout his life, Oscar de la Renta was a devoted supporter of charitable causes in the Dominican Republican and across the Dominican diaspora. He continued to shop at local Washington Heights businesses long after he could afford more extravagant locations. One of my fondest memories of Oscar is meeting him at an unassuming restaurant uptown – Oscar knew the entire staff by name, and inquired about their families with genuine concern.

Receiving Oscar de la Renta’s support in my first congressional campaign is an honor I will never forget. The Dominican community watched him with pride and will remember what he accomplished for all of us. We shed a tear for you tonight, Oscar."

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