Local October 23, 2014 | 8:12 am

Senate draws battle lines on unexpected indictment

Santo Domingo.- An surprising indictment unsealed Wednesday against senator Felix Bautista has drawn the battle lines in the upper Chamber, pitting his supporters, Sonia Mateo, Aristides Victoria Yeb and Prim Pujals, against detractors Wilton Guerrero and Reinaldo Pared.

Pujals presented videos and photos to the Senate floor, which he affirms prove that Justice minister Francisco Domínguez is waging a political campaign.

But Guerrero said the calls for Dominguez’s ouster by his detractors, “is just a way of wanting to gag the Prosecutor General,” who on Wednesday unsealed an inducement on embezzlement charges against Bautista, a close collaborator of former president and current PLD president Leonel Fernandez.

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