Local October 24, 2014 | 8:47 am

‘Toads and tarantulas’ call for Justice Minister to step down

Santo Domingo.- The scandal pitting Justice minister Francisco Dominguez and senator Felix Bautista spurs reactions from many personalities, including a group of famous attorneys whose background qualifies it for the title of “macos y cacatas" (toads and tarantulas), who called for the resignation of Dominican Republic’s top prosecutor because "the post is incompatible with partisan politics."

The legal experts say they were surprised and outraged to learn in the media what thus far had only been a persistent rumor: That the Justice Minister had been organizing, through his senior post, campaign teams to launch his bid for the presidency.

Among the attorneys calling for Dominguez’s head figure Ramon Pina Acevedo, a former leader of the right wing PRSC party, and Pedro Duarte Canaan, and Carlos Balcácer, who became famous as lawyers for alleged drug traffickers.

They said the law bans and punishes law enforcement officials -including prosecutors- who serve the interests of political parties. “The gross activities of an electoral campaign constitute a de facto resignation.”

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