Local October 27, 2014 | 9:37 am

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Bales of used garments could spread Ebola, textile-makers warn

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Industries Association (ADITEX) president David Cortes on Sunday warned the government that bales of used garments that enter the country can spread various types of diseases, including the deadly Ebola.

He said the Customs Agency and the Health Ministry should halt the import of the bales he affirms come mostly from Haiti, U.S., India and other nations, and some items are supplied to hospitals, prompting medical specialists’ warnings that they transmit skin diseases and Ebola.

Cortes said to protect Dominicans it’s imperative to control imports and marketing of bales, which he reiterates transmit communicable diseases. "The country can’t be exposed to such a high risk, such as the spread of the Ebola virus and, especially the need to establish vigilance and controls at the border with Haiti, which we all know has close relations with African nations."

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