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Jailbreak death toll at 6 as another prison guard dies(Update)

Santo Domingo.- One of the prison guards hurt Friday during the jailbreak at Najayo prison died Monday, Justice minister Francisco Dominguez tweeted near noon today. "I regret to report the death of corrections officer Miltiades Casanovas, the second of our heroes who died doing their duty."

FILE.A turf war pitting three Dominican Republic drug cartels triggered the jailbreak near noon Friday that left five dead and eight hurt, it emerged Sunday .

The authorities said the incident at Najayo prison was the result of a plot by the drug trafficking networks headed by Winston Rizik Rodriguez (‘El Gallero”, detained), and the fugitives Jesus Pascual Cabrera Ruiz and Pascual Cordero Martinez.

Before the shooting the inmates involved in the incident were let out of their cell after claiming health ailments, for which the prison guards were taking them to the infirmary, located in the front of the jail next to the gate and close to the road.

National Police spokesman Jacobo Mateo said incident sough to break out a ring of hired killers who would then proceed to conduct a drug trafficking operation.

Spain to deport Cabrera Ruiz

Sources quoted by edldia.com.do said that not all injuries were linked to the escape plan, and some were used as human shields,.

Two surrender

Two of the four men allegedly involved in the escape surrendered Sunday afternoon, and two are still at large.

Abraham Suero Garcia (Gordo) and Gustavo Alcantara Valdez, brother of Andy Maríñez Valdez, one of the inmates killed in the shootout, surrendered to authorities through investigative journalist Alicia Ortega, accompanied by his lawyer.

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