Local October 31, 2014 | 2:56 pm

Dominican Republic Police identify 2 suspects in deadly prison attack

Santo Domingo.- National Police spokesman Jacobo Mateo on Friday identified another suspect in the attempted jailbreak at Najayo Prison, which killed six people, including two correctional officers.

He said Miguel Angel Rojas Alcantara, 36, who allegedly escaped from the 15 de Azua jail, is armed with M16 assault rifles. He said Rojas was seen in the vicinity of the prison last Friday when he and at least three other gunmen tried to break out at least two inmates.

Mateo said the suspect has an extensive rap sheet including a heist at the Parmalat dairy plant two years ago, while impersonating a Police Major.


National Police chief Manuel Castro on Friday identified Miguel Angel Rojas Alcantara as the ringleader of last week’s fatal assault on Najayo prison, allegedly to break out an inmate by the name of Andy.

He said a man identified as Sadam also took part in the assault, in addition to an escape of at least 10 men being escorted to Najayo from Villa Altagracia.

The official said Rojas had also impersonated an Air Force Major in the assault on the Parmalat dairy plant several years ago.

On Thursday Najayo officials said two corrections officers and four inmates were killed and eight others wounded in the shootout attributed to underworld groups, which utilized bulletproof vests and assault rifles fired into the compound, to break out an undetermined number of inmates.

The Justice Ministry identified the person who allegedly rented the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV allegedly used during the assault on Najayo last week.

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