Local October 7, 2014 | 3:47 pm

More priests join National Park demand in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Military troops and police agents have been deployed around the National Palace since Tuesday afternoon to await the imminent arrival of dozens of protesters accompanied by at least 12 Catholic priests who demand that Loma Miranda be declared a national park.

Among the march leaders figure radical priest Rogelio Cruz, who’s fierce reputation was confirmed several years ago when he threatened to throw stones at a policemen allegedly ordered to tail him.

The protesters, who reportedly already arrived at the area known as kilometer 9 on the Duarte highway, on the outskirts of the capital, had set out at 7am and are expected to gather in front of the Palace.

"With this protest we reaffirm the demand by people and community groups in defense of Loma Miranda," said priest Ramón Ramos (Niño).

The ‘Via crucis’ started from the entrance to Loma Miranda on the Duarte Highway, with 14 stations where the priests read a biblical passage in each.

The protesters bear wood crosses, wear green scarves, crucifixes, Bibles and other symbols of the Catholic Church, which has led the struggle to preserve Loma Miranda and oppose Glencore Falcondo’s planned nickel mine.

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