Local November 5, 2014 | 11:18 am

Supreme Court asked to freeze beleaguered senator’s assets

Santo Domingo.- The prosecution on Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to freeze senator Felix Bautista’s assets, on which warning notes were placed to prevent their transfer to third parties.

In today’s hearing Supreme Court Special Instruction judge Frank Soto heard prosecuting attorney Carlos Castillo’s motion against the waiver to the challenges levied on the assets.

The prosecutor again requested that the judge step aside in the case, for the full Supreme Court to decide on three proceedings: a request for and injunction, on the indictment against Senator, and request for waiver .

He claimed that the warnings on Bautista’s assets failed to prevent their transfer to third parties, for which the injunction now seeks to freeze all the assets targeted by the investigation.

The legislator’s lawyers asked the court to rule against the motion.

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