Local November 6, 2014 | 11:05 am

Throng demands amendment to let Medina seek 2nd term

Santo Domingo.- Hundreds of people gathered in front of Congress Thursday to demand a constitutional amendment so that president Danilo Medina can seek reelection, on the 170th anniversary of Dominican Republic’s Constitution.

The men and women in the gathering said they are part of 15 civil society groups, and waved banners promoting Medina’s reelection, which is banned by the Constitution.

"Four years is a necessity," "Congress put your ears to the people," and "Danilo hear your people, four years please," read some of the banners.

"Those of us who are 50 or older saw the reelection as something to be prevented by any means, but today we realize that that, in itself isn’t bad, but some men with a spirit of dictator and the Oedipus complex embrace power," said one protester.

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